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At Konvert Marketing, we understand golf.

We know that, on the surface, it looks like the needs of the golfer and the golf facility are similar; but through direct market experience, weíve learned itís the details of distinction that make all the difference. Itís attracting, converting and retaining a clientele that trusts you know them.

And trust they will because we are experts at leveraging the latest tools and technologies of online marketing in order to optimize your online strategy. We use a host of tools -- from social media to database segmentation -- to find out what best suits your course. From there we create, test and manage all of your online tactics as a means to build the most efficient and personal platform possible.

The end goal is simple: drive more rounds to your course; but the challenge is personal: how do we do it best?

Thatís where we thrive. In embracing the fact that the job of marketing your course is an ever-evolving process. Your site is not meant to be something built one day and then never touched again. Your marketing success Ė and in turn, business success -- is critical to the notion that you must continuously create, analyze and improve your site with anticipated consistency. That means updates, reaching out to your community and creating a connection between your client, your people and your course.

At Konvert Marketing, we donít expect you to be bothered by web site analytics. We want you to and your personnel to remain dedicated to your craft, not to campaigns and email blasts. Thereís no need for you to spend your time figuring out CMS and ad re-targeting when you could be spending precious face-to-face time with your client. Instead, allow us to manage your courseís marketing process.

We will build and continuously evolve your site. We will develop and manage integral PPC campaigns, and we will convert more bookings to your course. We believe in targeted communication and this is all just the start.

But why should any of that cost you? We will pay for your advertising, printing, photography and hosting costs. And in the end, when it comes down to the simple question of exactly how many more rounds of golf your website sold, we will always offer you a complete and transparent report with detailed break downs of everything we do.

The bottom line is yes we understand golf, but we really understand online marketing.

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