The Team:

Founder and President
Mike Carran

In 2001, Mike Carran founded and revolutionized the way golf does business. Since then, Mike has continued to grow and stand out as the golf industry leader on consumer analytics, buying patterns and behavior. With nearly twenty-five years experience owning an elite-level advertising company, Mike has worked with clients like Toyota, Lexus, Kendall Jackson, La Crema, Pacific Life and a host of other brands. Through it all, the key to Mike’s marketing success lies in his ability to track trends from a variety of industries, and then translate their general models back to his specific market.


Regardless of countless past achievements, the true rarity of Mike’s visionary thinking is his ability to bridge the gap between Industry and Consumer. As an avid sportsman and golfer, Mike at once intimately understands the theory and business of marketing and what impacts him as an industry target consumer.

With progressive thought always at the forefront, Mike has once again stepped forward as the voice on golf’s next major need: all inclusive marketing and powerful online solutions for the golf course. In 2010, to fill the untapped marketing void, Mike founded Konvert Golf Marketing and has since become the pioneer in a new era of golf course marketing.

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